This course shares dozens of ideas for integrating the Depth & Complexity framework into real classrooms.Unlike the other modules, this one is a series of screencasts, sharing actual examples from a very broad range of grade levels and content areas.

You will receive the screencasts for the course, accompanying slide decks, a Facilitation Guide, and all ancillary materials you need to easily facilitate the course in your district.

While part of the DC1: Introduction to Depth & Complexity 6-hour course, this module is a discrete unit, so it can stand alone. 

All course materials come in a downloadable file, meaning that no internet connection is necessary to play the videos. You will be able to use the training as many times as you like in your district at no additional cost. Please see licensing agreement for further details.

You may prefer to purchase the entire course, or the other modules individually (click on the links below to access the full course or each module). 

Note: This course is authorized by the Center for Depth & Complexity, holders of the copyright to the icons.

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DC1: Module 6 - Activities with the Framework

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