DC1: Depth & Complexity [6-hour course]

DC1: Depth & Complexity [6-hour course]

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This course introduces participants to the Depth & Complexity framework. It includes all six of the following modules:

    You will receive videos for each course, accompanying slide decks, a Facilitation Guide, and all ancillary materials you need to easily facilitate the course in your district.

    The modules are discrete units, so you can use them individually, in a single six-hour training day, or in any combination you like.

    All course materials come in a downloadable file, meaning that no internet connection is necessary to play the videos. You will be able to use the training as many times as you like in your district at no additional cost. Please see licensing agreement for further details.

    You may purchase the modules individually as well (click on the links above to access each module). 

    If you prefer to order with a purchase order, please email them to info@pdtakeout.com.