What is PD Takeout?

PD Takeout offers a hybrid model of professional development, combining content from national presenters with a locally facilitated discussion that focuses on your district’s specific needs. You lead your teachers through the day using resources provided by Ian Byrd of Byrdseed.com and Lisa Van Gemert of GiftedGuru.com, adjusting the pacing and focus as you see fit.

Buy a module once, use it forever.

Is PD Takeout right for me?

PD Takeout is perfect for anyone who is responsible for providing professional development for educators, and who wants support to develop and deliver great content. PD Takeout is also ideal for small districts that don’t have access to nationally-recognized speakers. Since no outside presenter is required, you can facilitate your own training, building a program that works for you on your schedule.

What does a workshop from PD Takeout look like?

A PD Takeout workshop is an active learning experience. Participants will engage with a blend of videos, readings, quality discussion, and other activities. It’s flexible, allowing you as the facilitator to choose which components will best fit the needs and preferences of your team.

How long are the modules?

Each module is 1-hour long, broken into smaller sections that may include video, reading, activity, and discussion. Modules are available in 1-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour, or 30-hour blocks. You can mix, match, and combine them to fit your group’s needs.

What do I get when I purchase a PD Takeout course?

PD Takeout provides all of the content you need to facilitate exceptional quality professional development. Your bundle includes videos, slide decks, readings, and activities for your participants to engage with. You will also receive facilitation guides for discussion. All of the materials are available as a digital downloads, so internet connectivity is not required.

More questions? Ask away: info@pdtakeout.com